Join us for the forthcoming edition of the Inorganic Membrane Summer  School which will be held in Valencia (Spain) from 23rd to 25th  September 2015 (3 complete days).
The theme of this school is Ionic and protonic conducting ceramic  membranes for green energy applications and is organized in the frame  of GREEN-CC, ELECTRA and HETMOC FP7 European Projects.

The addressed topics are:
– Fundamentals of ionic conducting materials
– Oxygen transport membranes
– Protonic conducting materials
– Membrane manufacturing techniques
– Scaling up manufacturing
– Theoretical modelling and simulation
– Electrochemistry fundamentals
– Characterisation techniques
– Catalytic membrane reactors
– Industrial applications

We encourage that the attending students send an abstract for poster  presentation via email (school@itq.upv.es). The deadline for abstract  submission is August 28th.

The Best Student Poster Awards, an award sponsored by the European  Membrane Society (EMS), will be given to three winners. The awards  will recognize the most outstanding student poster presented during  the poster session.
The European Membrane Society will offer some travel grants for  students.

The website to apply for a travel grant is located at:  http://www.emsoc.eu/ems/site/awards2/index.php

The application deadline for student travel support is July 15, 2015.


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